About KYAscapes

We are a forward thinking company that provides innovative outdoor landscape solutions. We utilize high grade replica plants, lush synthetic grass and natural rock. We offer products and services that are unrivaled in the industry.


“It was a pleasure to work with your team and learn more about your product and its water saving cost of beautiful realistic grass.”

Tracs Pacific

“They provide valuable solutions for the reallocation of water resources and maintenance costs without the loss of aesthetics.”

Duarte USD

“Not only does our landscape look great, but we will also see cost savings on water conservation and maintenance. Synthetic turf through The Land Solution is definitely the way to go.”

Our Mission

To enhance the outdoor experience. Landscaping for today, thinking about tomorrow.

Our Goal

We strive to provide environmentally responsible landscape options that meet our clients’ priorities of low maintenance and high water efficiency.

Our Solutions

LifeTurf, KnowH2O Plantscapes, Rock and Accents, Hardscapes, Interior Courtyards, Privacy Hedges, Screens, and more.